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“The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can’t”. –Christopher Paolini 

When I was gifted this domain, I knew that I had got the opportunity to share and shed light about water sport. Actually it reminded me of an awesome experience that I had earlier while in college. My story is below.

paddle boardingThat day, it was awesome arriving at Banderas Bay (in Mexico) which has a pretty though rocky cove …..

Amazed by the site of the souring waves I naturally got my adrenaline breathing into life. Seeing no need for any lifeguard, and the pretty through aggressive swell of a wave rolling in, I decided to be a little bit adventurous and jump in; you’d also be tempted by the site of the marvelous landscape and your innate desire to have some fun.

Therefore I unpacked my board and readied myself to jump into the waters and do some paddle boarding. I hope you know what that is, in case you don’t, then you should read some posts on this site.

So picture this…

I’m all set to jump into waters of this pretty cove and start scouting for the most opportune moment for the entry point. And that point is just a few yards from a large surface of a rocky shoal. When the moment arrives, I waste no minute… As soon as I see a break in the water waves, I jump in and paddle like a maniac till am past beyond the break. At this point I’m filled with joy because of the fun and adventure of breaking into the wave. But this is all momentary before I realize that there is another set of huge waves rolling in.

paddle boarder1They are herculean in nature and that means they would break out monstrously that I would have ever anticipated. If I head back to the beach, the waves would not only be after my board but after me too. And they would edge me out into the rocky shoals.

I intermittently reason that if I head towards the waves, I won’t make beyond the break. But that’s the perfect decision, so I make the bold move. I get crushed but luckily, the rescue team were their and they help me out. That led to my renewed desire of more adventurous water sports.

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This website was previously owned by The Base Camp. After dropping the domain, I think that they are changed to thebasecamp.com They used to organize retreats and camps for water sports activities such as wakeboarding, wakekiting, wakeskatingBelow is some information about them that I recovered from the wayback machine.


Basecamp started in 2002 as a small individual wakeboard school operating under the company title Mukoka Custom Clinics. In our short six years of operation we have evolved from a wakeboard school with one boat operating off the end of a marina dock, into the largest wakeboard group in Canada.

Our group now operates five schools across Ontario, a full overnight kids camps, the largest wakeboard facility in North America and a reputable events company. Basecamp, which is our flagship facility, sits on 210 acres of prime Muskoka real estate, featuring a private slider lake (one of 3 in North America), overnight accommodation, mountain bike trails, skateboard ramps, a high end gaming room, along with many other regular camp related features.

The site is now host to a variety of events throughout the summer and caters to over 300 riders per annum.


Our mission is very simple… To create a fun, safe environment where people of all ages can enjoy and advance their skills in the sports of wakeboarding, wakeskating and wakesurfing.

To accomplish this we have created a top of the line facility designed specifically for the advancement of our attendants and the sport as a whole. Take the time to navigate around our site and get an idea of the great programs we have to offer you, your group or your children.


There are many other wakeboard schools available to the consumer in Ontario, Canada and around the world. So what sets us apart from the rest and ensures our customers the return on their investment? Well let us take the time to do some boasting and breakdown why we feel our facility offers a superior product.


Most wakeboard camps have good coaches, we have great coaches and part of having a great coach is knowing that they are properly trained in cases of emergency. Every boat that leaves our dock has at least one certified lifeguard and every staff member on property has basic lifesaving training. Our rails, bike trails and equipment are built with safety in the forefront of our minds and are inspected everyday in the summer to ensure they are continually safe and maintenance is preformed if needed. Please feel free to download our risk management documentation at www.thebasecamp.ca/riskmanagment or read our copy available to all customers at camp.

Level of Instruction

All of our instructors have been involved in the sport for many years and at a minimum have 3 years of coaching experience. We know that it is very important to the customer to have a knowledgeable and experienced coach providing advice, that is why all of our coaches ride at a sponsorship level and have been competing for many years in the Ontario series and in world class events. You can be assured that whatever level of rider comes to camp we are prepared to take their riding to the next level. On top of this we are constantly bringing in pro level riders to the camp to enhance the guest experience.

“The difference between other camps and Basecamp is that you never know who is going to just drop in. It seemed like there was a different pro here everyday.”

Student to Staff Ratio

This is where most camps have a hard time standing up to the Basecamp and we take a lot of pride in being able to offer our high staff to student ratio. We have a maximum of 18 students per week and have 18 full time staff who are dedicated to the sport of wakeboarding. This means that we offer a one on one environment. You are ensured that each student coming to camp is going to get the highest level of instruction and attention that we are easily able to provide with the large amount of staff we employ.

Time on the Water

At Basecamp we know the reason why everyone comes is to ride. So ride time is what we offer. I have heard from our customers that at other wakeboard schools they attended on some days they would only be able to ride once. We are very adamant about getting our students out on the water 4 times a day. Each student has 4, twenty minute sets a day guaranteed! We have found through testing that 20 minutes is the best amount of time to be out on the water learning. It is the perfect amount of time to warm up and then try new tricks before getting tired and risk injury. Bottom line… we want our students to have as much ride time as we can give them in a day!

Best Equipment

Every year we get new boats, boards, PWC’s, wakeskates, handles, ropes, ext. Want to know what riding on the newest and best equipment feels like? Basecamp is the place to do it. We only use the highest end equipment, because why use anything else?

Our Boats – Nautiques

Last year we had the pleasure of using three of the best wakeboard boats designed and built. The Team 210, 226 and 220. Each of these boats is years ahead of any other model on the market today and can only be described as pure pleasure to ride behind. We want our customers to ride behind the best and that is what we offer. Come try our 2009 models this season.


We sat down as a team of boarders and put together a plan to create the most fun environment possible to learn, live, and ride. We then brought this dream to life and made it available to everyone. Please check out the facility link to see what we want everyone to be able to experience.


210 acres on the shores of Lake Rosseau, one of the most beautiful, clear lakes the world has to offer. If you have not experienced the scenic environment northern Ontario has, we invite you to come and check out our location.


Basecamp is a small camp offering boardsports to an exclusive group of 18 each week. With such a small number of attendants, students really get to know each other, their coaches and can leave with lasting friendships. Everyone walks away from their week having learnt more about themselves and can feel that they were involved in something special.


Although this is a no-brainer, it is true that some wakeboard camps are not fully insured. Basecamp is fully insured for all of our on and off water activities to ensure that our guest are fully protected in the event that an unforeseen accident should occur.


Our History

Basecamp was started in the summer of 2002 as a wakeboarding school under the name Muskoka Custom Clinics. We found that there was a large demand for a wakeboard school that offered the high level of instruction and customer service that our day clinics offered, with the one major difference of offering an overnight all inclusive component. Basecamp was the response to that customer demand.
The summer of 2006 brought our inaugural overnight season and it was a complete success. Almost all of our summer 2006 clients returned for another exciting camp week or group weekend in 2007. Since 2006 we have expanded the camp to cater to upwards of 500 overnight visitors per season and have expanded our wake school division. We now own 4 satellite schools around Ontario where customers enjoy our excellent service and exciting on water experiences.


Currently Basecamp is getting prepared for another great summer in 2009. We have expanded our staff base so that we can offer guests more one on one and a more customized experience. All of our guests get a video to take home with them and will experience a couple new board experiences for 2009 including wakekiting and kiteboarding!


Our team is driven and dedicated to create the ultimate boarding destination experience for anyone that loves our sports. Longterm we plan to take the brand we have built around Ontario and Canada and open other locations in Florida and Costa Rica. Here at home we are going to continue to develop Basecamp into a boarding facility like no other in the Canada. We intend to increase our skateboard and accommodation numbers for 2010.


As a parent or guardian the safety of your children is the number one priority. We feel exactly the same way at Basecamp and have made safety a major point when building the camp and training our staff. Because there are inherent dangers in any activity we feel it is of utmost importance to anticipate potential risks, put together programs to reduce these risks and then have trained procedures in the unlikely case that some or our risks become a reality.
To create a safe environment for all guests we ensure that there is always a trained lifeguard present in every boat that leaves the dock. Each counselor employed at the camp if not certified in Lifesaving is certified in basic first aid to deal with the majority of injuries if they occur. If you are interested, we have made public our risk management documentation that outlines our procedures in the case of emergencies that could occur in a camp environment. Feel free to download it. www.thebasecamp.ca/riskmanagment

At Basecamp we are dedicated to safety and a safe playing environment. It is in everyone’s best interest to have our guests remain healthy so that they can have an enjoyable experience and come back for years to come.


We are very happy to offer 5 locations to serve you better. Each of our locations offer our awesome basic service programs. If you are interested in any experience that involves an overnight experience or a slider lake experience, these activities are only offered at our main facility Basecamp.


1901 Peninsula Rd.
Minett, ON

West Wakeboard School

Hwy 169
Gravenhurst, ON

Performance Wakeboard School

1785 Beaumont Drive Bracebridge ON


1031 Lake of Bays Marine Road Dorset ON

Balsam Lake School

26 Coldstream Road Rosedale, ON

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This website is still under construction but being an advent enthusiast of water sports, I’ve collected interesting stories about the experiences of different lovers of these sports. You can access them by clicking on the below categories. Be sure to revisit the site again for more posts.